Summer 2023

Season of heat and heartache.

Bunks, books and bad actors…

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Lilith Feature

Finding Solace in an Unlikely Spot

Lilith Feature

Unsuing Heroines Dept.

How an American nonprofit worker facilitated the immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel

Lilith Feature

Camp Goes to School


Lilith Feature


How to Say Goodbye

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Jewish & Feminist in Lubbock, Texas


Lubbock, Texas is, by far, the least Jewish place I’ve ever lived. If you’re from one of the coasts, as I was, you might have some misconceptions about Lubbock if... Read more »

“I don’t want you to be afraid of me.”


“I don’t want you to be afraid of me,” he said, tone unreadable. His face betrayed a mixture of concern and irritation…why would I flinch like that? I didn’t know.... Read more »

The Youth Group Trip


short fiction excerpt by Erin Meagan Schwartz The youth group I joined is a place where we get to strengthen our connection to each other as Jewish people. But I... Read more »

Why I Wrote the Book: Birth Control


Before becoming a mom, I wondered what birth was like. I wanted to know what actually happened in the body during labor, during a contraction, what it felt like to... Read more »

More Summer Reading Picks from Lilith


Swimming with Ghosts by Michelle Brafman (Turner Publishing Company, $26.99, 2023)  Set in the intense world of childhood competitive swimming, Branfman’s latest novel explores what happens when two team moms—and best friends—clash as... Read more »

Portraits in Charcoal


Tigist Yoseph Ron’s expressive charcoal drawings on these two pages are taken from two exhibitions: “The White Paper is Black Within” (Tel Aviv Museum of Art, February 9, 2020–October 4,... Read more »

Savor-ing Sephardic Culture


It could have been a cooking class at any culinary school around the world. Ten aproned people at well-equipped work stations around a large room. Ingredients, utensils and bowls lined... Read more »

Poem: Jewlia Eisenberg


Jewlia Eisenberg I noticed early how the women I knew  were careful not to be too big,  too loud. Because no one likes a bossy yenta,  much less an assertive... Read more »

Fiction: Ours


You are certain that the moment she is close enough to feel your skin, to smell the absence of birth hormones in your sweat, she’ll know—you’re an imposter.

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